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Video Production

Our Films 


Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

We put the word creative in our name not because it is a catchy word but because we imagined helping our clients tell their stories in a way that would invoke a feeling to the viewer. 

From a simple 30 second introduction video to a large production, we are ready to help tell your story. 

A Real Advantage

Royal Palm Academy's mission is to partner with families to provide an education of rich academics with Catholic formation. They teach the mind, educate the heart, and form the character of tomorrow's leaders. That's why when they reached out to us to help create a film that will tell their story we went straight to work! 

Tackle What's Next

Tackle What's Next is an organization that helps athletes move into the next phase of their professional life after sports.From events to interviews and resources, they share perspectives, stories and insights to make sure ALL athletes are ready to tackle what's next, whatever that is.

TWN trusts Creative SoundVision to help tell their stories via live events and videos. 


FLAIA's ultimate goal is to articulate the impressive strengths of the alternative investment industry and systematically strengthen the “ecosystem” over time.

They chose to partner with us as their AV Department and to collect Video Content to grow their social reach.  

Naples Area Board of Realtors 

With over 7000 members, The Naples Area Board of REALTORS®, a local board of REALTORS® is one of the largest in south Florida. That's why it is important for them to work with professionals that can help communicate their message effectively.

We work directly with their committees to film and create content during some of their largest events as well as provide AV Production services. 

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